Customized Assessment 

The assessment will allow us to develop an action plan based on your needs.  Our expertise in geriatric assessment, crisis prevention and family counselling means your assessment will be thorough, professional and collaborative. Based on the assessment, you may decide that you are not quite ready to move. We will make referrals to community supports that will allow you to live safely in your home. We can:

  • Explore your current living situation and discuss family history
  • Discuss your health and home safety risks
  • Identify your strengths, social and family supports
  • Review your financial situation and legal needs
  • Discuss barriers to moving and develop solutions
  • Recommend referrals to supports if staying at home
Individual & Family Counselling

Making the decision to move to a retirement community can be very stressful. You will have many questions about how a move will affect your identity and independence. Significant life transitions can bring up complex emotions. Relief, sadness, loss, excitement and fear are all normal reactions to change. We have extensive experience providing individual and family counselling. We will facilitate you and your family in working through differences of opinion and address any issues that arise. We can:

  • Discuss the emotional impact of moving
  • Facilitate discussion with family members
  • Explore challenges of making a transition
  • Address any emotional issues that arise
  • Offer grief and loss counselling
  • Provide mental health check-ins 
Practical Support

It can be extremely overwhelming to organize any move, especially if you have been in your home for many years. We can help you develop a plan that you are comfortable with and help ease your mind that all of the details are being managed. We can work with you and your family to determine what needs to be done in your home so your transition is stress free and positive. We can:

  • Research and set up tours at retirement communities
  • Assist with documentation and application process
  • Support with light organization and packing
  • Recommend referrals for decluttering services, estate planning, movers, real estate agents
  • Manage details of move
Bridging to Retirement Community

Change can be great but it can also can come with anxiety and fear in the beginning. We can support your transition to your new retirement community by staying involved and being that “familiar face” until you have found your new routine. We can provide ongoing visits, make connections with your new community, and provide advocacy and ongoing feedback to family members. We can:

  • Organize new space
  • Help with connections to neighbours and staff
  • Join you for a congregate meal
  • Provide mental health check-ins
  • Offer care coordination
  • Recommend referrals for any additional support
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